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Miracles and Guinea Pigs, Ipiales

Written on: Thursday July 31st, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Although many others have done it and have been totally fine, we have heeded warnings not to travel by bus at night time - encountering guerillas is one part of the Colombia experience we really don't want.  So we stop in the weird town of Pasto for a night, with not much going for it except an annual festival where the black people paint themselves white, and the white people paint themselves black, and then everyone throws lots of flour and water bombs around (something they came up with after the Spanish turned up).  But that's in January, and this is August, so its just a place to stop enroute to Ecuador.
Just before the border there is a really cool church which we stopped at, built over a river gorge in 1940's after an appearance of Virgin Mary (the walls of the pathway are covered in plaques thanking her for all the miracles granted).    On the walk down we saw a lady selling guinea pigs in a big bag, she haggled $7 from a restaurant owner and handed one over.  On the way back up from the church, the guinea pig (RIP) was being dipped in boiling water and de-furred, ready for being roasted on a skewer, which is a special delicacy for the people of Ecuador and Peru.  I guess Mary doesn't do miracles for guinea pigs.
I had the stomach to take a wee video clip, if you have the stomach to watch, go tohttp://vimeo.com/1782999