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Extreme adventures in San Gill, Colombia

Written on: Thursday July 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Watch us wipe out on the rapids at http://www.vimeo.com/1648159

A 24 hour bus hopping journey and we arrive at San Gill. The buses in Colombia are nice - soft seats, lots of leg room - imagine a lazy boy chair on a bus, and that´s pretty much it. Colombian law means the bus companies have to display their "statistics" of accidents, deaths and injuries. Eye-opening. A handy chart to consult before choosing which company to travel with!

We liked San Gill so much we stayed for 10 days. It is the "Queenstown" of Colombia, and we were out rafting grade 4 + 5 rapids, parapenting over tobacco fields, throwing ourselves down grade 3 rapids with boogie boards and flippers and generally having a great time (so I had a crash landing in the tobacco, and thought I was going to die under the raft in grade 5, but came out with little more than a poke in the eye). We even did salsa lessons, and had a chance to use them at the nightclub on Friday night. After following local tradition and drinking some cans of beer and a hip flask of rum in the local square, we hopped into taxis to nightclub Masai Mara. Expecting a heaving pit of sweaty salsa bodies we were shown to a table where people were dancing in a very civilised fashion. You can only order spirits by the half litre bottle, so we were forced to drink more rum, and men with ice buckets come round and drop cubes in when you´re getting low. But it was only when the western music came on a little later that things got a bit more exciting, and I even got a salsa dance with a local... not as great as it sounds, our beer bellies were rubbing together - get the picture?!
Al had his birthday here, there was special colombia ´milk cake´ordered in which is sponge with a kind of sweet milk poured over it to soak it all up. Very rich but nice. The local snack around here is friend ants... they are bigger than your average garden ant and you just eat the back end. Al reports they are ´not that great´. One thing Al thought was ´fantastic´was a little rice concoction he got with his grilled goat. After wolfing it down we asked what it was, turns out it was rice mixed with goat intestines and congealed blood. hmmmm.

We took 6 hours of spanish lessons from a local girl, the best part was going to her house where her mum would supply us with a wide variety of fresh juice drinks and snacks. Her dad would hand us evangelical leaflets on the way out ´to practice´our spanish! People are pretty religious here.. wherever there is a set of steps you can guarantee a stations of the cross comes with it!