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Escaping the heat of Cartagena in Playa Blanca

Written on: Saturday July 5th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

We set sail on a ferry for the beautiful beach of Playa Blanca. The ferry was in full party mode at 9am, fiesta music blaring, full of singing Colombian tourists (cause itīs difficult for them to get visas to visit other countries they are good local tourists). Most people visit the beach for a day trip, but we stayed overnight, so by 3pm there were only about 10 visitors on the beach. We slept in hammocks on the beachfront, the water was crystal clear and a bath-like temperature - beautiful! The best thing is there are no fancy hotels here, facilities are pretty basic... there is only electricity for the kitchens, water is scarce so the loo is flushed with a bucket of salt water, and the sea is your shower. Men walk down the beach selling fresh oysters, lobsters sliced in half (small enough to get you arrested in NZ) and women selling deep-fried-everything, massages, and jewellery.  Only fish on the menu in this place...  head and all.  I  think I lost some weight.
Despite our lack of spanish, one message came through loud and clear from our host, Hugo... donīt piss in the water. I think this is more for our personal & intimate safety rather than the cleanliness of the water. Thanks, Hugo!
We notice that the day trippers leave a pile of rubbish and plastic behind on the beach, and although the beach is kept really nice, a few metres back we find swampy land that has lots of rubbish, and chickens and pigs roaming about too. A great place to relax for a few days.