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Happy Anti Facism Resistance Day, Zagreb

Written on: Saturday June 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

We're back to Croatia for our flight back to London.  The capital of Zagreb, which most people had told us not to bother with, had a few nice surprises. 

The important national holiday of Anti-Facism Resistance Day means that the town of Zagreb is completely empty.  We head to the cemetery Mirogoj, said to be the most beautiful in Europe.  The sculptures were great, and it was the most alive we saw the town! 

We are soooo hoot!!  A great old fashioned clock and weather station in the middle of town informs us we are in 36 degrees, and it stays that way from 12 noon till 8pm.  It is a very humid heat and we're sweating all over.  At about 3pm we gave in and disappeared into a huge shopping mall with air conditioning and cinema complex, and didn't emerge until 9.

Now Croatia is out of the Euro Cup, workers spent the day dismantling the large marquee and big screens in the main square.  Their tv footy coverage is also practically suspended (did I hear you say "bad losers"?!) - bad news for Al but not for me!

Lucky us the international fireworks competition was on, so we headed to the main park to watch the show. A great festival, they know how to have a fiesta. In Croatia, the thing to do is get out in the field and chuck glo-sticks to your friend in the dark.  It was quite perilous out there, but once the fireworks started things calmed down a bit.  It was great that the prices at the festival for the huge cevapi's (mince balls in fried bread) and beers were the same price as in the bars in town.

People in Croatia aren't rude, but not over-friendly, they just let you get on with your business.  They have great recycling, a beautiful coast and really organised national parks and tourist facilities.  Surprisingly, Croatia was more expensive than Turkey or Greece, and when they eventually switch to the Euro it will probably be moreso. It may be eastern europe in name, but in reality its more 'west' than Greece and some parts of Italy and Spain we've been to.