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Peaceful Lake Bled, Slovenia

Written on: Friday June 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Continued our road trip up to Lake Bled.  Driving along a beautiful emerald glacier-fed river - they are well set up for tourists and provide a great map with different route options which means we end up taking the scenic route which  is 3 times longer than a direct drive but as Al's driving why not?! 

Apparently the makers of Narnia had to decide between this scenic area and NZ to make the movie.  They chose here, but at least in NZ if we had such a beautiful river we would create some picnic areas and nice spots of relaxation... here its just a road, and after holding onto hunger for over an hour we finally found somewhere we could get off the road and sit by the river (and some hydro electric power pylons!).

Our little car struggles up the high mountains, there is beautiful mountainous scenery, cows in the paddocks, hay drying on racks etc etc.  Very swiss-like.  Lake Bled is a really nice town, home of lots of olympic rowers and its really peaceful, probably because there are no motorised boats or jet skis on the lake.  There is an island in the middle just big enough for a church, which we decide is our no.2 wedding venue after Spy Valley Marlborough!    We do lots of nature walks, along gorges, over rivers on rickety bridges, we drink lots of the local brew but kiwis please note for future: a Radler here isn't  one of those delcious Monteiths brews but  half beer half fanta concoction!  The shame of it.