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Road Trip to Slovenia

Written on: Thursday June 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

We have hired a car for our last week, a great sense of freedom (mainly because now we can avoid those old ladies confronting us with pictures of their bedrooms at bus stations!) and a great way to get into the nooks and crannies of the countryside.

We drive a long, long, long way from national park inland to the northern coast of Croatia.  A few pitstops for photos, coffee and roadside fruit purchases.  The beachside towns in north Croatia are very over-developed, with concreted seashores and expensive hotels, did nothing for us so we just kept on driving and went into Slovenia. 

The road networks are great, but there is a price to pay - toll roads connect most towns, although its possible to bypass them sometimes we'd just think we'd beaten the system and we'd come across a toll booth!

The border crossing was so painless we wondered if we had really arrived in Slovenia.  We stopped in a town famous for its nearby caves and these were huge and would excite any cave enthusiast (into which we have evolved).  This cave has the most varied selection of stalegtites and stalegmites caves can offer worldwide!!  The Slovenian people are really lovely and what with new cuisine and beer to sample, we are happy.

There are a lot of happy tourists in Slovenia, mainly those who have escaped the tourist madness of northern Italy and can't believe their luck that they can get a room for under 80 euros, eat good food at reasonable prices and not be crowded in with thousands of other tourists.  Some parts of Slovenia, especially around the coast, are definitely european prices, and when confronted with paying more to park our car overnight than for a room in Bosnia, we knew not to go any further!