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Snake Spotting and Waterfall Watching in Croatia

Written on: Tuesday June 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Plitvice National Park

After one too many beers watching the footy in the evenings, it was time to do some more walking. We spent a few days in one of Croatias best national parks, walking our little hearts out.  Al is designated driver and I am navigator (first mistake).  The good thing about driving in a foreign country is when the police stop you for driving down a one way street, you don't understand each other and they just wave you away!  Ooops.
There are 40 bears in the national park, one of the last groups of bears in Europe.  We didn't see any but talked through how close we were prepared to get for the photo opportunity just in case we did.
We saw snakes that can swim, vipers that can poison, lizards, wagtail birds, robins and the biggest trout ever... and lots of school groups and tours that made some of the wooden walkways over the lakes and around the waterfalls pretty crowded. Most people come here for half a day to walk the main paths, so once we got off the well worn paths we were right into prime snake spotting territory. I've never seen a snake in the wild before, it was a highlight!
It seems to be a european tradition to sneak yourself a little breadroll with cheese from the hotels breakfast buffet to take on your hike for lunch. We embraced it and upped the class factor by buying a tomato.