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A quick stop in Split, Croatia

Written on: Saturday June 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Split is the starting point for cruises around the croatian coast (but instead of the blue rinse brigade these boats are crammed with young oz, kiwis and brits and enough booze so they won't remember a minute of it). 
We were approached by another old woman at the bus station offering us a room.  Our first appearances filter is working better now, we got a nice room but it still came with a smoking, white singlet wearing husband hacking away in the kitchen.   Autentico.
Split is a nice coastal town, very 'european' and a huge italian influence.  The main catholic church at the head of the paved waterfront blasts out its services on outdoor speakers, so lots of people are sitting around on bench seats listening to mass.  Sitting near the church on a sunny afternoon we saw 3 weddings come and go in 2 hours.  It is tradition for the bride and groom to arrive together, and all the guests stand outside to greet them.  Great people watching to compare a flashy, bogun and traditional wedding.
The weather has been pretty grey and drizzly for the past week, which I have to admit has been nice after about 3 months of no rain, but it does mean that we decide to cancel our scheduled mini-break to the croatian island of Korcula which everyone has raved about and head straight to a National Park inland for more hiking.