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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Written on: Monday June 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

A beautiful drive up the coast from Kotor to Dubrovnik - a walled city rising out of the sea which made a great sight on this nice sunny day.  70% of the rooftops in Dubrovnik  were destroyed during the recent war and its amazing how the city has been rebuilt to keep its original character.  A really interesting museum showed how life went on in the city during the recent war and we visited another set of relics in the local monastery - this time St Lukes head and St Thomas´arm.  I love how they are encased in beautiful silverwork, usually in the shape of the body part with a little window so you can peek in at the bone.  A walk around the city walls in the hot sun justified an icecream - now becoming a daily occurence but I can only pass so many delicious looking shops before giving in. 

We´re starting to bump into the same people on the circuit, which is good to share info and tips.  They´re generally about 10 years younger with us and we´re trying our best to blend in... I´m not smiling to try and hide the wrinklys and Al´s pretending he knows all about myspace.