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Magical Meteroa

Written on: Thursday May 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

A scenic train journey to Meteora, the most visited place in Greece - but we were lucky to be off-peak season and there weren't many people around at all.  The area is filled with massive pinnacles of rock, some topped by monasteries set up in the 15th century.  Its a good climb up to them but its worth it, so we spent a few days doing a bit of a monastery crawl.  They are quite an amazing sight, so spectacular it was the scene for the Bond film For Your Eyes Only. 
A few drinks after a hard days touring we started discussing our experiences in Greece so far.   Bad news... we realised that although the scenery has been great, we haven't been overly taken with the Greek people.  When we thought about all the nice folk we've come across, they were all generally from somewhere else!  With no offence to all the nice Greeks out there (that we are sure exist but we just didn't meet), we have come across some racist attitudes (particularly towards muslims and eastern europeans) and relaxed to the point of lazy (but noticed the eastern europeans were working hard!).   We knew deep down that the warm beaches would restore our faith in Greece - so we ditched our plans to go north and headed west to the island of Corfu.