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Indiana Jones and the Acropolis, Athens

Written on: Monday May 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

A night ferry got us in to Athens for a beautiful still morning.  Headed straight for the famous Acropolis, hoping to beat the crowds.  Feeling smug as we enter and explore the ruins at the base of the hill with no-one around, we get hit with a shock when we climb up the steps and round the hill to find swarms of tourists, sweaty umbrella-toting tour guides and stressed teachers.. that's when we realised we'd entered via the quiet back gate.  Oh well, it was still great to get up close to the Acropolis and listen in on the tour guides explaining what it was all about.  The midday heat is late 30's so we get up early and have a snooze in one of the parks and befriend the stray dogs.  We stayed a few days, enjoyed the ancient sites, read up on the ancient greek mythology, pondered in the fabulous national museum and dug into some good greek staples like stuffed vine leaves, feta, and lots of dips with pita bread. And of course red wine.
It might sound bad, but one of our highlights of Athens was watching the new Indiana Jones movie at one of Athens outdoor cinemas with the Acropolis looming above nicely lit up.