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A week of relaxing on the Greek Islands

Written on: Friday May 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

We arrived into Samos, only an hour from Turkey.  Samos is famous for being the home of Pythagoras (remember him people?  something about a+b=c??!!)  Its tricky to navigate island-hopping - there are lots of independent companies running different services and no central point to find out what they all are!  Of course they all tell you that their ferry service is the next one available... so we decided to pick one Island and stay put to save some sanity. 
It was a good move.  Our chosen island was Patmos - famous for being the island that St John wrote the book of revelations.  Of course we visited the cave he was enlightened in, and the hilltop church that has the relic of St Thomas´ skull all edged in gold.  But the cruise ships seem to have followed us from Turkey!  The scourge of the greek islands.  Theres a different one anchored out in the bay every day, but the inhabitants no less irritating than those before them. 
We soon figured out the best way to get around the island was to hire a scooter.  They weren´t as casual as the Thais about scooter hire and actually needed to see a motorbike license.  Al has resumed his back seat position just like the good old Wellington days!  The islands are hilly but the scooter was hardy.
Hot hot hot about 30 degrees each day.  We are happy to have chosen an out of the way beach that we have pretty much to ourselves.  A different truck with loudspeaker comes past every day announcing what wares they are selling.  We have had baby chicks, then plants & shrubs, then plastic chairs and misc haberdashery - all piled onto the back of a flat deck truck!  We are happy in our little garden hut, enjoying cooking our own meals and eating them on our deserted beach.  Bliss!
We thought the sight of lots of men sitting outside cafes smoking and drinking strong coffees was a middle eastern thing.  But they are doing exactly the same thing here in the Islands.  We still need to find out where all the women are....