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Magical Mushroom Mountains of Capadoccia

Written on: Friday May 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

After 24 hours of travelling, this town is our holiday from the holiday.  It has really weird rock formations and the village is created from houses carved out in the rocks, one of which is now our hotel room (complete with spa bath which I am sure is not original). 

Went to a hamman (turkish bath) where two burly men wrapped in little teatowels scrubbed us down to the bone and took no prisoners massaging us on our respective soap sud filled marble slabs.  They even took the liberty of a few spine crunching jumps on us.  I didn't see any certificates on the walls, but wasn't going to protest with mr burly barrel belly. 

We found a nice restaurant to top the day off, had the long-awaited ice cold pint of beer, a Turkish brew called Efes (a little on the fizzy side but quite frankly I would have paid double for a Fosters).  Clean, rested and boozed, we officially announced it an anniversary!

We lasted only 2 days in Turkey before sucumbing to a rug purchase.  You know you have paid too much when your carpet seller hugs you and buys you lunch after making the deal!  We have entrusted it to Tukish Post to get it to London, lets hope we see it again or that was a very expensive pita, chips and a coke!

For 3 days we have walked amongst the hills and valleys and taken way too many photos (sorry to bore you with these, but they were just amazing).