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Aleppo to Crac des Chevalliers

Written on: Monday April 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

We found Abdullah, a passionate tour guide who made sure we saw all a good tourist should on the way from Aleppo to Damascus.  We visited the Basilica of St Simeon which is where the man himself stood on a tall pillar for most of his life, now the site of a huge church. 

The Dead Cities of Albara and Serjilla are old towns that have been deserted for 15 centuries, but you can still get a good feel for what they were like, but no wonder they left - it's incredibly windy there! (actually I think it was an earthquake that did it)

Then a stop at Apamea, an impressive sight of corinthian columns lined down a 2km boulevard.  The romans thought big. 

Finally we ended up in Crac des Chevalliers, a beautiful old castle from around early 12th century and a highlight so far.  The only hotel in town has balconies with great views to the castle.  

The byzantine, roman, ottoman, persian and crusader sites we have visited definitely set the scene for the rest of our trip!  Best of all, there have been hardly any tourists here so have had places to ourselves.