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Aleppo, Syria

Written on: Saturday April 5th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Made it to Aleppo, hurrah! We got the right bus! 

We didn't hear the best things about Syria from the Lebanese, but you have to expect that when they have assasinated your State officials and bombed your buildings over the years.  However, we have found them to be very friendly and just can't hold the grudge.

Bizarre series of exchanges in charades for currency and visa stamps in a little tin-shack-come-kebab-shop at the Syrian border.  Regretting not getting our visas arranged in London.

A very conservative part of Syria, everyone is fully garbed up in Aleppo and I am getting a lot of stares even though I just have my hands and an uncovered head showing.  Hanging around the Citadel last night lots of children coming up to say hello, there aren't many tourists about so we're getting all the attention.  Its pretty cheap in Syria, especially compared to Beirut.  A felafel kebab and a coke costs 35p... and the bonus is they taste good sober!

Amazing souks that now put Marrakech 2nd on the list.  It took us an hour to get through 200m of souk.  You wouldn't think it could happen in this conservative part of the world, but Al got accosted by two carpet sellers who clearly didn't want to let him go.  And I don't mean because they thought he would buy their carpets! Al thought the kid had bad english when he introduced them as his 'aunties'. 

We went into the grand mosque to have a looksie at John the Baptists fathers head (erm.., yes), and I had to wear a grey cloak that made me look like the KKK, thank allah the camera battery had died, I wouldn't have lived that one down.