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Jaisalmer - a golden desert city Photos

One of the main thoroughfares in town, popular with cows

View of the fort from our hotel rooftop, lights powered by wind turbines in the outskirts. I am happy

Looking down at the bastions of the fort from the main tower. There are 99 of them but a few are collapsing due to unsustainable inhabitation and tourism within the walls

One of the stone havelis in town, beautiful residences for the richy rich, mirrored interiors, you get the picture

View from the 2nd floor of the Haveli

Carving from the Jain temple inside the fort (an ancient religion still surviving)

One of many buddhas lining the walls of the temple

Some child labour entertainment at a rooftop bar

This kid had me and a fellow tourist in the palm of his hand - a natural entertainer at the age of around 3, his dance moves were fantastic

Al with two newfound friends, the guy on the right kept giving him impromptu shoulder massages... hmm

COWS! I quite liked this colour co-ordinated lineup and this guy just wanted to be part of the action

Assorted animals in their natural environment. One very good reason not to accept plastic bags from vendors, and to be vegetarian in India

The swastika is a well-used Hindu symbol here. I suppose the Hindus in europe know better though

What is this?! All will be revealed in the next town!