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The Deep Dark Carved Caves of Aurangabad Photos

Schik, our trusty driver and his pimped-up rickshaw complete with blue light

The fire precautions at the service station

The outside view of Ajanta Caves, forgotten about until the British turned up in the late 1800s

Al dwarfed by a huge buddha inside one of the caves

The 'poor mans taj mahal' in aurangabad, where I got treated like Diana

My 5 minutes of fame begins, at the mini Taj Mahal in Aurangabad, where obviously they don't see tourists too often

Al is less in demand than me, but still gets involved in the school group photo, although you can see the lady in the blue beckoning me to get in too

We visited a fort on top of a hill on the way to the caves and luckily there are men with torches to guide you through the dark tunnels that made it impenetrable

I could hear lots of bat squeaking so took a photo to see how bad it really was up there... they smelt worse than they looked

Another photo shoot at the top of the fort

The Ellora caves, a few hundred years newer than the other caves, and much more amazing

These caves were carved from the top down, some were three stories high

This gives a sense of the size of the carvings

They must have had very pert females back then