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the 4th and Final Phase - India... Photos

Taj Mahal Hotel, scene of the November terrorist attacks but now the only terrorists are the people harrassing us poor tourists to buy giant balloons, postcards and drugs

There are 60,000 taxis in Mumbai. This is one of them. We particularly liked the carpeted roof and lucky grapes

No wonder they are good at cricket, people are playing everwhere. This is the oval in the middle of town, the High Court behind

Escaped the heat in aircon cinemas. This bollywood tale was about an american boy coming back to India - well, that's what we think it was about, it was in Hindi

I'm in the ladies carriage and leaving Al to the push and shove of the mens in the commuter madness

The train ride into Mumbai was pretty grim in parts, well, 99% of it actually

People live anywhere they can find a space. We were in Mumbai when Slumdog Millionaire won its Oscars

An area in the slums which has become a tourist attraction for the view of 5,000 washing tubs where people scratch a living from doing the towns laundry

Enjoying a cup of chai on Chowpatty Beach, THE place to be seen at sunset. No swimming in this filthy water though