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Salar Uyuni - a big whopping white place Photos


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Our road trip crew

Fun for us but work for others. A few guys out digging salt in the hot sun

Standing on the workers salt piles

An island in the middle of the salt plains

I get a photo of the dutch guy standing on top of a ketchup bottle

This sums up our whole trip, Al taking photos and me on investigations

This is a rare place in the world where 3 different kinds of flamingos hang out. I became a bird spotter

So exciting to get to see flamingos up close

Day 2 we saw lots of weird and wonderful rocks created by the wind

Got up at 4.30am to jump through geysers. They would never let you do THIS in Rotorua

We passed a few different lakes of amazing colours due to their mineral content

The green lake



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