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The Weird and Wonderful Folks of Rurre Photos

Rosa Maria, Bolivias only eco-warrior who has achieved a lot to preserve the rainforest here

Ron the Banana Bread Man, who also delved into falafel making if he thought there were enough Israelis in town

Thierry the french baker who saved our lives but not our waists with delicious bread and pastries

Me looking like Im part of an official delegation but its just with our super nice staff and Korean owner of our hostel

Cashiano the tyre sandal man, whipping up a tailor made pair within the hour

My life saver, the young and happy Rosa who helped me in the office

Jhasmani, who was tasked with doing all things gasoline. Sometimes he sucked on the tube too long for his own good

The furry footed chickens who liked to visit us in the office

My favourite esse eja kids who would come to visit me

It was more for the mango tree out the back than for my company, I am sure