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Volunteering in the Bolivian Amazon Photos


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Some amazing butterflies we met on our river trip

Our first night camping

Our kitchen on the second night of river trip, the boat is in the background

Some of the more depressing sights as we made our way down the river

A small but happy team of workers in the office, I replaced the guy in the white shirt while he went to La Paz

The boss of the office

Siesta time in the office courtyard, sometimes the temperature got to late 30s

The town taxi stand

A great way to get around and to cool down with a breeze

The immigration office where we experienced 3 hours of Bolivian bureacracy when we extended our visa

Presenting Number One, our foster child

Al and Number One in Tree Climbing 101

Ahhh, happily sleeping after a milk feast and a little tree climbing practice

His instincts were good, the tongue emerges when he got near an ant nest

Wow, look at that tongue! Its all sticky and grabs up ants like a bit of fly tape

A delicious birthday cake for me with some workmates, at our favourite restaurant



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