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Tour Machu Picchu with Hairyhood Tours Inc. Photos


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Join Hairyhood Tours on the backdoor to Machupicchu

The start of the backdoor walk, after a dodgy bus journey here, we discreetly follow another tour group to find the path

Its highly likely we will experience some kind of engine trouble, or in this case, a broken suspension

Sometimes all the holy talismans in the world just can't prevent car trouble

Walk over a precarious path with water gushing underneath you

Your luxurious accommodation (man not included)

The one horse town of Santa Teresa, where you can party in the empty disco all night long

The best thing about this town is the magnificent hot springs, we venture to say the best you've ever been to

The railway station - sorry, but we're walking 2 hours down the tracks

There's only a few trains a day and they honk loudly so its safe enough

Some of the butterflies on the walk down the train tracks

Your guide Alison is a world-renowned Butterfly Whisperer

Snack on some delicious donuts from a street vendor at Aguas Calientes

The town of Aguas Calientes, base for trips to Machupicchu. The challenge is to find anyone in town who won't rip you off

After a 4am start, this sight makes it all worthwhile

Take only photos leave only money



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