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The Tourist Magnet of Cusco Photos

A view of the main plaza and a very dry cusco

The Incans were admired for their amazing stonework, using plaster was considered to be low quality workmanship. Al can just squeeze a piece of paper into the gap.

A dairy, corner store, milk bar - depending on where you're from. Sometimes they serve you through the bars in dodgy places or at night

If you thought Maori place names were hard to pronounce, give this a try

A typical cobbled street in the old town

A guard dog in action on the first floor

We can see the ottoman influence transferred by Spain in cuscos main plaza

We were lucky enough to be in town for an annual competition amongst teenage boys dating back to Inca times to prove their strength and speed

Kind of like the Inca Olympics, but instead of getting a bronze medal, you end up falling in the small fire below

Some of the traditional outfits still worn, we have to get a stealth shot because we dont want to encourage photos for money

Yes, another parade! This was childrens day apparently. But what has this huge half-horse half-dog got to do with it?

Drummers leaving the main plaza

And the drummers of the future in training

Some more traditional outfits swinging about

A rare sight in South America