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Wellington, New Zealand

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Banos - volcanoes and hot springs Photos

Where the taxi driver abandoned us to start our walk up the volcano

So, I guess a lot of people listen to their guidebook when it tells them not to do the walk because of high risk of eruption. Hey, that was a 2007 edition!

Another of the waterfalls during our bike ride down on the Amazon road

The force of the final waterfall was almighty

Feasting at Cafe Hood. No discount for Hoods, I checked

Looking not-at-all nervous in my wire basked on the flying fox over the river

Al, a bike and a pack mule

Most shops down the main street have men pulling toffee all morning, we didnt try any for fear of the ecuadorian dentists

The buggies for hire that turned out to be the only danger in this town

A woman doing her washing in the sinks provided by one of the hot pools