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Wellington, New Zealand

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Another month, another country - Otavalo, Ecuador Photos

The crater lake walk

The tracks completely disappeared. This is about where Al assures me we are not lost...

View over the cattle section of the animal market

At the animal markets everyone seems to have a chicken or two

The chicken-handbag

There are a few types of hats the women wear - we like this hanky style

The bandana is popular but most popular is the hard bowler style hat, in brown or forest green

Woman with a pig for sale

How much?

Our stop at a donut stall at the animal markets for freshly fried treats and a big mug of nescafe

A savoury option was right next door

Dreamcatchers for sale, tempted to buy one for YOU Lorraine!

One of many poncho stalls in the huge markets

Traditional musicians do the rounds of the hostels to play a few songs and sell a few CDs