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The Coffee Zone, Colombia Photos


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With our tour guide Seider, passionate about all things coffee

Roasting coffee right in front of us to taste. I was more interested in tasting that fantastic surprise icecream sundae

Graduation - an official expert on the cultivation, pest control, harvesting and tasting of coffee

The start of our walk up Los Nevados Volcano at 4,800m

Didnt expect to see snow in Colombia

After an hour of walking from 4,800m, we made it to the top of Los Nevados Volcano, 5,150m

Soldiers and milk men halfway up Los Nevados

View of Manizales city

Colombian payphones - People on the street have mobile phones chained to them that you can use

A nice old church in Manizales - got had up for money by an old guy pretending to be the priest

View from our balcony down at Salento, the sleepy town where ponchos and straw cowboy hats are uniform

Colourful buildings in Salento

Wax palm valley walk, Salento

Wax palms, the national tree of Colombia

Wax palm valley walk, Salento

One of many rickety bridges on the walk through the wax palm valley



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