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Bogota Photos

Inside the Cathedral of Salt - licked the walls to verify this

A chart at the bus station giving the monthly and annual casualty statistics - a handy guide to consult before buying a ticket

Sharing a big bowl of minty mojito, before salsa dancing up a storm

One too many mojitos for Alison, at the crazy restaurant Andres Carne

Joining the 1 million Colombians in Bogota for the peace march

The white shirts and Colombian flags at the peace march

At Monserrate, hilltop church looking over Bogota city

Most get the furnicular, but some like to crawl up the stairs for 2-3 hours. This guy crawled right up the aisle of the church in the middle of the sermon.

Some of the restaurants vying for Sunday lunch trade at Monserrat

Cheese seller, Bogota

Kids starting commerce young in Bogota

A street game in Bogota, throw your coin on the monetary value to win

Sunday markets in Bogota - a op-shoppers delight. Buy anything here from a microwave panel, knickers, phone chargers, camera parts

Why NOT turn those old goat feet into drinking vessels?!

The main plaza the day after the protest march, Bogota