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Extreme adventures in San Gill, Colombia Photos


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San Gill, our home for 10 days. This Wellingtonian loved the hills

We would visit the fruit markets every morning to get a huge fruit salad (condensed milk and salty cheese optional extras) for only $1

Shy avocado sellers

Workers threading tobacco leaves up to dry

Alison getting ready to fly - there was a crash landing first-off but 2nd lift off was fantastic

Rafting on the grade 4 and 5 rapids in the Queenstown of Colombia

We all fell out except Al and the guide. We were all pulled back into the boat within 20 seconds but it felt like hours!

Birthday boy in his new t-shirt and personalised cake. AL means TO in spanish, so the cake decorator was getting very confused...

Heard of the wedding pyramid? This is the birthday handstand

The waterfalls near San Gill

We walked between valleys to the quiet colonial town of Baricharra

Visited their cemetary

Quite liked this one

Local guy out with his chickens. These were fighters in their heyday (very popular in small town Colombia)



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