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Zoroastrians, and lots of dried mud Photos

View from the roof restaurant of our hotel in Yazd

The Jameh mosque. We were just thinking there were lots of Jameh mosques about, until we found out Jameh means FRIDAY! And that is the muslim version of sunday.

Ann and her new friend Fatimeh

Al brushing up on his farsi

The ancient wind towers designed to take the gentlest breeze and circulate it in peoples homes

The best Iranian business to be in - people are always scurrying home with armfuls of this bread

The little mud town of Kharanaq where we stayed for a night

Our obliging hosts when the guest house doubled booked us. Al getting a lesson in flexibility from the old folks.

A 200 year old tower specially designed to house pigeons for the collection of their droppings

Inside the pigeon tower - a few stuffed birds just to bring it to life a little. Surprised they didn't have poo raining from above for maximum effect!

Zoroastrian 'logo'

The Iranian food is much more interesting and varied than in Syria and Jordan (but where's the beer?!)