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Bathing in Budapest

Written on: Friday August 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Hungary

We had a 6am departure from Bratislava to catch the train to Budapest. Nobody was late, we couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

Immediately upon arriving in Budapest we hit the city - it is a stunning and beautiful place. I have seen so many gorgeous buildings in Europe so far and was still blown away. After all the travel and drinking and walking (and excercise for the suckers) it has been a relief to take it easy here. I have seen a lot but have had the priveledge of visiting the baths in the afternoon, which should be implemented in all government department wellness programs if you ask me. I have particularly enjoyed Gellert, which is the oldest bath in Budapest, in a gorgeous bulding, and a lovely pool. I have been wrinkle-tastic slashing away in the 36 degree pool (sorry, but the 38 degree pool is a bit too hardcore for my sensitive white skin) and placing myself under the hot water fountains for lengths of time that could almost give me third degree burns.

Budapest has also been great for going out, I have eaten in many squares by day and watched the musicians, artists, finches and pickpockets flutter about. I have hit many restaurants and taverns at night and actually not watched much except the food on my plate barely get dented. We went to a great restaurant two nights ago night called Oliva and had a fabulous time, and even got free shots of Limoncello from our fabulous waiter.

There was a rock concert in the city park just behinf Hero Square last night. The music was loud and the style was reminiscent of rock from about a decade ago. The clothing donned by both the bands and audience was also of a style about 10 years old. I was just wondering what all the 'techno heads' listening to "What Is Love" in the dance clubs would have been wearing.



From Jamie & Lisa on Sep 2nd, 2007

It looks absolutely stunning. Did I mention how much i love reading your blogs? I hope you are collecting very significant fridge magnet-type souveniers as an everlasting memoir of your trip. Love and hugs and look after yourself.

From Krystle on Sep 3rd, 2007

Awww, I am jealous!