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Suburn in Austria. You mean Australia? No, AUSTRIA...

Written on: Tuesday August 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Austria

Well the first day in Vienna was quite exhausting given I had taken a dose of 21 hours flying, 5 hours laying (over), 2 sleeping tablets and 0 hours sleep. In keeping with my strategy of avoiding jetlag I took a genteel stroll through Vienna, around the Hofburg Palace (which was very grand and regal) and also took in some lovely scents of horse poo from the hundreds of horse carriages around the joint.

I then visited the MuseumsQuartier which is housed in the former Imperial Stables however this did not have the same smell I was privy too earlier in the day. I plonked myself in the piazza amongst the architectual grandour of the Museum of Modern Art, Leopold Museum and Vienna Arcitecture centre, the atmosphere of casual diners and drinkers, the chilled out sounds of DJs playing in the afternoon, and the bastard sun who burnt my shoulders red raw. After the blistering I should develop a lovely off-white tan in time for Croatia. Yes!

The following day I took a bicycle winery tour with my fabulous new roomie Tash. Yep, she said wine, so I was there. Only the bike bit didnt quite sink in... until I started flying downhill on roads shared with cars sans helmet and with a belly (and brain) full of wine. 15 miles of bicycle riding is a big effort on my part, so I rewarded myself over the lunch of pork steak marinated in Paprika, spicy pork sausage and pork sausage infused with cheese wrapped in bacon. After we waited for the produce to infuse itself to our arteries we started the hike back via more wineries and liquer shops, and it was on this leg that I had my first injury. Tash got rather spooked by an oncoming truck, well moreso the tidal wave it was spraying onto our cycle path, and slammed her brakes on. he rest of us behind her consequently followed with some synchronised body over handlebars moves. I was second in the pack or should that be second in the stack.

Todays adventures include a lazy morning of riding around The Ringstrausse on the tram. We literally were going around in circles as we still coukdnt be bothered doing any further phxsical activity following yesterdays marathon. By around midday we had woken up and took a stroll through the Inner Stadt visiting and photographing all kinds of beautiful buildings that end up looking the same and boring the hell out of everyone when you show them the photos. We had a little sidestep to the Schronn Palace and hiked up to the Gloriette which had an amazing view over Vienna. And yes, it was steep so again I was feeling the burn.

Tonight were off to the Summer Musikfestival which occurs each night outside the Rauthaus. You will be pleased to know I managed to avoid eating wurst today, but I ate a LOT of torte at Cafe Central, and you never know whether I might be getting peckish for Burenwurst (my new leading favourite over Bratwurst) with sweet (sweet) mustard tonight.



From Krystle on Aug 16th, 2007

Very noice :D I hope you got a picture of you on a bike, I'd pay to see and laugh at it :P

From Jamie on Aug 20th, 2007

Hi Le I love your stories. You keep me laughing. I cna't wait to see all your boring photos that look the same. I'm so envious of you being there. PS is Suburn like Sunburn? Love and hugs Jamie & Lisa

From Jamie on Aug 20th, 2007

OMG I shouldn't have paid you out about suburn coz i can't even spell can't!