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Living it up in Dubbo

Written on: Thursday September 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Croatia

Wow what a place Dubbo is. And no I dont mean Dubbo, NSW (pop. 28,000) Im talking about Dubrovnik Croatia. The coast here is absolutely stunning, with the exception of the dog ugly montrous American Cruise Ships that spoil the view.

The Old Town here is really special, its a beautiful Medieval city and the walls and fortresses around it provide some great views. I had the priveledge of walking around the walls at sunset and the views over the town and the Adriatic were spectacular. I also found that there werent many of those American tourists on the walls... why would they climb the hundreds of steps when there is icecream and pizza to be had?!

After going through many parts of Eastern Europe where there really arent many tourists it has been a shock to deal with the sheer mass of people, particularly in comparasin to Budva, which was a gorgeous coastal town but just not crowded. Although, the tour groups and American Cruisers come in by the busload during the day, so we have taken to jumping on the ferries to the islands off the coast, where they are rather secluded and we can get the bathing rocks and beaches to ourselves. We had to farewell Inga yesterday so B and I escorted her to Ingas Island, more commonly known as Sipan, where after checking herself into the hotel we soent the day enjoying the SANDY beach, and beer and wine at the grogeous little bar, which was basically directors chairs under the palm trees along the water. These were no directors chairs though... these were rocking directors chairs. Whilst we thought that was cool, B kept getting the feeling that she was falling off her stool in year 9 Science class again.

B, Robin and I spent last night at Hemingway cocktail bar, which was outdoors along the Pred Dvorum. We sat on cane lounge chairs overlooking the beautifully lit Rectors Palace sipping cocktails. All of mine were absolutely delicious, but I wont list them... there are 5 different ones that I consumed (that I can remember). There are plenty more nights here in Croatia though, so plenty more drinks to be had overlooking the stunning scenery, as well as plenty more swimming, and plenty more eating, however I wont bore you with more tales as this is my last stop before I fly back to Perth (via Vienna, Paris and Singapore though). When I get home I will be able to show off my photos and stories and show you the monstrous European Belly I have given birth to on this trip.


From Jamie & Lisa on Sep 16th, 2007

Dubrovnik = Dubbo? OMG That is hilarious, so I guess Budva = Buddho? Sounds like you are having the time of your life, I'm still jealous. Back to Perth... it sounds so horrible for you, soon enough you'll be eating meatpies with sauce and drinking goonah...ahh goonah. Stay well and we'll catch up soon enough. Love and hugs Jamie and Lisa

From Krystle on Sep 19th, 2007

you're coming home soooooooooooooooon, I can't wait to see your photos!! (and give you your meowy cat back :P Nah I kid, I love him so much and am going to miss him!!! :()

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