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From: Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada

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About Me

Well.. what to say. I grew up in a small town on vancouver island. Headed to vancouver after i finished high school to get an education. That took 5 years and a bunch of cash. After I finished university, like every other young graduate, I wanted to take off and see the world. This however was not ment to be....

The sad truth was that over the last five years I managed to wrack up a total of $23K of loans so my travelling would have to wait. Well not wait excactly, it would just have to take on a form other than the typical 'packin a backpack with as much shit as i can handle and heading to thailand for a 3 month party'.

For me, i figured the best option was to go work abroad. Lucky my chosen profession allows for employment all over the world.... and mom said those pole dancing lessons would never come in handy!

So here I am now living in the city of Haarlem (15mins outside amsterdam). Life is good. I'm planning on being for about 2 years until the project i'm working is finished and then who knows where I'll end up. I'm hoping have a few adventures while i'm here which i will then share with you.