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Long storty short... moving into a house here costs 2500 euros up front

Written on: Saturday February 2nd, 2008

A journal entry from: 2 years in Europe

This is my new mansion!!!!! Not to bad hey. This bad boy even comes with a freakin dishwasher! At 600 euros a month (all inclusive) its a great deal as far as apartments go in Haarlem. My place is in an old, converted, three story house. There are 6 suite in the house, two per floor. My place is on the third floor, aka the pent house suite.

As the title says I had to pay 2500 euros up front to move into this place. Pretty brutal if you ask me. 600 for the first months rent, 1200 for the damage dopsit, and 700 to the useless real estate agent who did about 5 minute of work openning the front door for me. I had about $600 CAD when i got to the netherlands, so had it not been for the moving allowence given to me by my company I would have been up shit creek.

All in all i'm pretty happy about the place.


From Dana on Mar 13th, 2008

what a lovely flat. be careful, you might get guests that never leave.