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1, 5, 2009 Monday

Written on: Wednesday January 7th, 2009

A journal entry from: The Daily Commute

A full week?!  I'm going to have to be sick one day or something...

Train day!  Hallelujah.  The weather was fine, made my trains, got in right on time.  I love the train.  If only it didn't take so long I'd do it every day.  But it still adds 45 mins each way, and that's an assload of extra time, especially when I don't see the kids much already.

Train Journey = 15 min walk to PATCO - 4 stops to RiverLine on PATCO - 1 hour on RiverLine to Trenton - 5 min walk to work (add wait time if I miss either train)

Car Journey = car parked in front of house - 40 mins on I-95 - car parked in front of office.

So I don't see myself making a full-time switch.

Oh well.  Here's a pic.