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Helsinki Entombed Herring

Written on: Friday October 5th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

More trains down to Helsinki and a bit of nostalgia seeing the stoic, stone men outside the station - apparently they have recently released a rap song on an ad for the national rail network - I kid you not. I thought they would be more into rock.

Speaking of rock and nostalgia, the other thing I remember from my 1998 visit here was going out to see some heavy music at some local nightspot. I got to revive those memories too as Entombed were playing in town the night I got there. It was a pretty fantastic set - lead singer LG Petrov may just be the happiest death/hard metal singer I have ever seen. And the snottiest.

The annual herring festival started on the Sunday. A couple of dozen boats came in from Baltic islands and sold their wares, many of them direct from the back of the boat. It made for a very full tummy-o-fish.

Before leaving on the ferry to Tallinn, another huge ferry arrived in port, having to parallel park behind us. Impressive to watch.