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Gothenburg via Denmark

Written on: Saturday September 22nd, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

Hmm. Blog entry lost because of dodgy cafe internet connection and my failure to copy it before pressing enter - so dot points will have to suffice.


  • Faroes - Hitshals (Denmark) Ferry
  • Ferry full of Faroese people only there for the duty free alcohol - they stayed onboard in port and were going home again after a few hours
  • Passed Shetlands at sunrise and a billion oil rigs on the North Sea
  • Travelled 40km across to the port of Frederikshavn and took ferry to Gothenburg
  • Met Luciano - another great CS host who deserves better than to be mentioned only in point form!
  • Went to see electro acts Giraffage and XXYYXX. Mellow, funky.
  • Learnt that Gothenburg was designed/built by Amsterdam canal builders.  
  • Took train to Oslo