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Christian Dwarves & Elves v glaciation & volcanoes

Written on: Friday September 7th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

OK. So hitch-hiking in Iceland in September has its hazards. The weather is unpredictable - except for the surety that it won't be warm. But on the plus side you could get picked up by Patryk.

My thumb was starting to go numb from cold between lifts - it had been less than 10 minutes since the last being left off in the middle of a (thankfully extinct) lava field by the interesting Pol. But there had been only one car pass in that time, so despite being on Highway 1 - the main ring road around the country, I was starting to wonder at the wisdom of hitching. I was quite sure that the tent that served me so well in Romania would not cut the mustard in Iceland.

In the distance I saw the red Jeep that I would later know to be 'The Beast', stopped at the side of the road. I would very soon know that this was because Patryk's passion for photographing Iceland meant that it was rare to drive more than a couple of kilometres without stopping to take another shot. And thank goodness for that, because it meant I could also admire and take photos of amazing scene after amazing scene.

Patryk's next stop, fortunately enough was right in front of me and he was offering a lift to the day's intended destination of Hvoll.

Well a 50 km lift turned into dinner and driving together for the next four days - but more of that later.

My thumb was still thawing out when we passed Dverghamrar which, depending on which reality you choose to believe, is either an interesting geological formation formed by glaciation and volcanic activity or a home made by Dwarves and Elves. but not just any Dwarves and Elves, Christian ones as they were once heard singing Christian songs. That must have been a relief to the locals when the country converted to Christianity - they could still believe in the local faeries!

We had just passed the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which caused so much disruption to air traffic in 2010 and there were massive glaciers all around, but I didn't see them retreating and carving rocks. And I also didn't see or hear any elven music or drwaven singing, so I didn't see any direct evidence to support either the volcano/glaciation or Dwarf/Elf hypothesis.  But more of that later too...