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Written on: Thursday September 6th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

Took a day-trip to the Vestmann Islands and once again Iceland blew me away with its natural beauty and volitility.

The islands are just a 45 minute ferry trip from the shore and were where some Irish slaves (West men - as far as the Vikings were concerned) who had risen up against and killed their master on the mainland fled to in the 9th Century. Unfortunately for them, they were hunted down and killed by their ex-master's blood brother. At least the island kept their name.

Also, the main island increased in size by about a fifth in 1973 when a volcanic fissure opened up. Lava destroyed a lot of homes, but the main part of the township was saved. Now, quite surreally, there are roads on the new parts of the island and a few plants are starting to take hold. I wonder what the whole episode did to real estate values.

Speaking of real estate... As if the main island wasn't isolated enough - some of the outlying islands are populated by some very adventurous farmers and sheep.