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Northern Lights at Reykjavik

Written on: Tuesday September 4th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

I was giddy as cheese coming to Iceland.  

The landscapes are unique and mindblowing, the history epic yet tangible.

I was hosted by Mario the beagle and his human Gummi.

I had assumed that the Northern Lights could only be seen in winter - but that was because I didn't understand, that they can be seen whenever it is dark enough - and with the nights getting longer and darker, they can be seen now if conditions are right.

Despite having to get up for work in the morning, Gummi generously offered to drive to the outskirts of town to see if we could see them - we were in luck and had a green and white light show that lasted for an hour or so until it clouded over. It was amazing - actually it was difficult to believe what we were seeing.

Other highlights in Reykjavik included Hallgrimskirkja, the excellent national museum - the accuracy of which is improved out of hand by the early Icelanders' penchant for recording their history and writing sagas. The opera house, public thermal baths and lobster soup were also tasty. 

The only downside, unexpectedly, was the local music. Maybe my expectations were unrasonable. Other countries might export their formulaic acts and keep the good stuff for themselves, but not Iceland, if my one night wandering Reykjavik and sticking my nose into a few noisy places is anything to go by. I'm sure that the four places I sampled are not representative, but what I found ranged from "hmm" to "I guess this place must be filled with your friends." 


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