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Written on: Monday September 3rd, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

Two nights in Copenhagen - one in a most institutional hostel and the other in the grand company of Kasper, the gracious couchsurfing host.

The weather was fantastic so fantastic that I hardly saw the inside of a building, deciding instead to hire a bike and ride around like the locals, with the only difference being that they know bicycle road rules and etiquette.

My memories of being in Copenhagen in 1998 were of walking through endless streets looking for a hostel because being poor students we had decided to not take the local bus. This time I found out the the city is much nicer if you actually get to see it.

The semi-autonomous neighbourhood of Chistiania was cool in a selling-hash-openly in the streets kind of way - no photos of that for obvious reasons.

Otherwise relaxing, riding and eating were set on repeat.   


From Eka on Sep 8th, 2012

oh I loved Copenhagen on photos