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Written on: Tuesday July 24th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

The last stop on my week-and-a-bit in Azerbaijan was Sheki, an ancient stop on the silk road. 

I was really looking forward to seeing (and staying in) the 18th Century Karavansaray - the remarkably well preserved lodging that the silk roaders would use. Too well preserved unfortunately, a film crew had booked out the entire place to film the upcoming blockbuster 'Mahmout and Miriam" (if I heard correctly).

Apart from the Karavansaray, Sheki is famed for its beautiful wooded mountains, kalva and humour. I can attest to all of these. You can see the mountainous setting in the photos, the kalva was sweet and dripping with honey and when the policeman who was guarding the Karavansary saw how disappointed I was when he told me I couldn't go in, much to the amusement of his colleagues and other onlookers, he offered me his handkerchief in case I wanted to cry! 

Unfortuantely he wouldn't pose in a photo with his hanky.

After going for a wander around town and staying with a local family (who had a huge house and at least 40 beds made up for people who might drop in) I met up with Hollanders Pim and Michael. We tried our uneffective best to ward off friendly locals and holiday makers from Baku who were afraid our throats were too dry and early the next day we caught the minibus to the Georgian border.