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Written on: Tuesday July 17th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

Three unusual things I saw today in Baku:

  • The ground naturally and eternally on fire at Yanar Dag
  • A man smoking a cigarette using his nose on the streets of Baku
  • A $10 cup of coffee in a local cafe
I arrived here yesterday and have been lucky enough to be staying with Abbas and his family whose generousity is amazing. It has been great to catch up with Abbas and chat about the old days at Fenner Hall - and the new days in Azerbaijan.
Other highlights have included seeing the Caspian Sea, the old town in Baku, a million small drilling platforms and a cool ancient Zaroastrian temple (I guess I'd worship fire too if the earth was inexplicably bursting into flame all the time). And I've only been here two days!
The 18 hour train ride from Tbilisi was long but comfortable enough. We spent the best part of 3 hours at the border; about half on each side.