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Written on: Sunday July 15th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

I have rented a room for a month in Tbilisi and am using it as a base to explore the surrounding area - Gori, Kazbegi, and today I'll take the overnight train to Baku. I hope that the hot water comes on before then - I don't want to be getting on that train smelly, because after 18 hours (assuming the border crossing process is relatively smooth) I'll certainly be smelly getting off.

Tbilisi is relaxed, vibrant and seemingly almost entirely under renewal - except where it is falling apart. I've seen plenty of live music here, which has been... varied. Actually I haven't done the touristy things like trapsing through the old town, the museums etc. yet, but I guess I have plenty of time for that.

Couchsurfing has proved again to be a great way to meet super-duper locals who know what's happening where. I have met a couple of ex-pats who have caught the 'Georgian disease' (planning to stay for a little while and finding themselves still here months or years later).