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Ich bin ein Currywurst

Written on: Sunday June 17th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

The choice of flights from Ulaanbaatar to Europe is fairly limited. But it was great to be in Berlin, eat currywurst and zitrone (lemon) eis (ice cream) and watch football in the warmth - lots of nostalgia for 2006.

I stayed with the lovely Chistina and Hendrik who took me around the 48 hour art exhibition that was spread throughout their neighbourhood of Neukoelln. 

The currywurst museum was 11 Euro to enter, and frankly despite the important subject matter, it didn't look like it was worth the fee, so I ate some of the merchandise and left.

The Deutsches Historishes Museum on the other hand was uber-comprehensive- in two hours I covered about 1/10th of it (German history from about 4000BC to the middle ages) before museum-fatigue set in. Fortunately it was the five hundred and somethingth anniversary of something so admission was free.