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I dips me lid to Rocksha MacGyver Rockstar

Written on: Sunday June 10th, 2012

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

There were some issues with our tour which aren't really worth going into here.

One of the things that we had been assured of was that our driver, Rocksha, was an excellent mechanic. By Day 6 we had plenty of reason to doubt much of what we had been told by way of organisation.

So, when, in the most remote part of our journey we went over a fairly innocuous hump and broke the van's front axle, we were a bit worried.

Fortunately we could see that there was a Ger less than 2 km away - the only one for hundreds of square kms. Rocksha poked and prodded went to the ger, spoke to the folk there and disappeared on a motorbike. Gulp!

We toursits walked up to the ger too - the family was extremely hospitable and we spent the afternoon playing Uno.

Rocksha returned with a mechanically inclined neighbour (from about 20 km away) and unfathomably managed to fix the axle in about 8 hours. What a champ! It was as good as new. I was absolutely certain that we would not be able to finish our tour in that van. I was wrong.

We ended up staying at the neighbour's place - we had to help set up a little ger. 

The day turned out to be a whole lot of fun (I'm not sure that Rocksha would agree) and definitely memorable.