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Back in Seoul

Written on: Saturday November 26th, 2011

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

Well I thought that that was going to be my last entry from Korea, but after I wrote it (in a cafe beside the giant poo) I heard some commotion and experienced a final head-wrecking Korean moment - there was a concert of sorts in some makeshift tents in the street. It seemed to be put on by some company promoting their latest line of... something. The festivities started with a Korean/English version of Dancing Queen; strange and amusing enough, but this was followed by 'Nanta' - a group which combined percussion, pantomime and cooking. There was lots of blades, bashing and the odd taste test from the audience. All pretty good fun.

Ended the night with an exquisite barbecued meat experience.   

Oh, I was also stopped in the street and asked to be part of the Instant anonymous project - see if you can pick me out on their website - it is pretty difficult - I'm anonymous! http://instant-anonymous.blogspot.com/2011_11_01_archive.html