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Written on: Thursday November 24th, 2011

A journal entry from: November 2011 until...

Hosted by the teriffic, talented Kyuhee in Seoul for a few days. I can see why anyone who has spent any time in this country raves about the food. I can't wait for mealtime to come around again! 

After freshening up from my 20 hour journey from Sydney (incuding a layover in Jakarta), I went out to Gyeongbokgung Palace. Just as I arrived I was lucky enough to catch the changing of the guards ceremony. It turns out that I wasn't particularly lucky - they seem to endlessly change the guards at all the palaces here. For a fee you can dress up in traditional garb and bang a drum while the guard changes.

Seoul seems that it would be a great, if somewhat contrary place to live. Cheap, helpful locals (don't read that the wrong way), aggressive but sensible drivers, a relaxed yet hectic atmosphere and unbelievably good food. 

Today (24 Nov) I went to the 2011 Seoul Photo Festival at the Seoul Museum of Art. Erwin Olaf and Seung-Hoon Park were my faves. There was also an exhibition of Chun Kyung-Ja, but that didn't really twist my biscuit. 

Tomorrow I'll head of to the DMZ - I expect to be confronted/amused by more contrariness there. 

Oh did I mention? It is as cold as hell. It was even snowing today. I'll be wearing more clothes tomorrow.