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Written on: Friday July 9th, 2010

A journal entry from: World Cup 2010

After dropping the hire car off at the airport with a cool 9100km on the clock, I picked up another one (due to some obscure rule meaning I couldn't extend the lease on the first one) and headed back to stay with Adriaan in Pretoria one more time (thanks Adriaan).

The next day before picking Paddy up at the airport I went to the very odd/educational/quasi-religious/difficult to assess in terms of political correctness Voortrekker Monument in the city. The momenument was constructed to celebrate the voyage of the Boers north through South Africa in the mid-19th century after what they saw as intolerable treatment by the British - including the forced emancipation of their slaves. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voortrekker_Monument I really found it difficult to wrap my head around the place.

I then squeezed in a couple of hours at the National Cutural History Museum, which boasts an informative display about the first people to live in South Africa (the Bushmen) and a collection of chairs.