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Written on: Wednesday July 7th, 2010

A journal entry from: World Cup 2010

Spent 5 days in Lesotho, most of which was chilling out at Malealea, checking out the rock paintings (on foot - most people go by donkey, but it was about time I got some exercise) and generally taking it easy - well except for the madness which was the invasion of Dutch fans which coincided with Holland's game with Uruguay. Thankfully the generator powering the TV only cut out for about 2 minutes during the match.

Oh, did I mention the scenery? There was lots of it. And the tastiest spinach on earth - we had dinner with a few locals before the match - there are certainly some advantages to being a subsistance farmer - and fresh yummy spinach is one of them.

Currently in Maseru trying to catch up with David. Maseru driving is... unique. One must certainly keep one's wits to navigate through donkeys, pedestrians and a variable number of lanes of traffic going at different speeds in different directions.